• Worry Stone - Grey Agate

Worry Stone - Grey Agate

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The worry stone, named for its ability to relieve stress, has been used in many cultures. The idea of rubbing a flat stone between thumb and finger to bring calmness and remove stress is linked to the healing practice of acupressure, whereby applying pressure to certain areas of the body has various positive benefits. Then, the healing properties of the stones will add up on top of that. 


Grey Agate


Grey Agate is known for its grounding properties. This crystal will help relieve depression, absorb negativity and release stagnant emotions. It is a good healing and protection stone. 


Approx. 45 x 35 x 8mm


  • Use Sage or Selenite to cleanse your crystals.
  • Please note that each natural stone may vary in appearance.
  • Each is completely unique, making it all the more special!
  • Those pieces are fragile.