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Use Tarot as a springboard to a deeper connection with yourself. Connect with the energies around you for direction, clarity and validation. 

Are you looking for some answers as to what is going on in your life at the moment?

Help identify the energies around you with a basic tarot reading.

About Claudine 

Claudine Lascelle, a multidiscipline healer, helps those who seek transformation through soul coaching, intuitive tarot, reiki, aromatherapy, and energetic cycles. Using her gifts, she guides you to health and wellness in every facet of your life.


If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, we will refund you.


If you choose the Zoom (virtual session), we will send you an email with a link.

Cancellation policy

We ask you to call us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment. If you need to postpone your appointment with Claudine, please let us know as soon as you can.

Touch Free Tarot

How do online tarot readings work?  

Isn’t the client supposed to shuffle the deck?

Some tarot readers ask the client to shuffle or cut the deck in order to “infuse” their energy into the cards at the start of a reading. This is so the tarot practitioner feels the deck is connected to the client, however this is not necessary for an accurate tarot session.

There are many practitioners, myself included, that never let their clients shuffle or even touch their decks. There are a few reasons for this and I will explain mine here.

Tarot is a tool. It helps the practitioner create the story. It puts down a visual representation of what is going on in and around the client’s energy field. The cards themselves hold no power. It is the tarot professional’s interpretation of the cards that is important.

This is done through the imagery of the cards and the intuition of the reader.

For me, I ground and clear before my readings and start to tap into the Universal energy even before the client arrives at their session (be it virtual or in person).  Then, I connect to my deck and have my own little ritual with them. As the client and I are chatting at the start of a reading, I am shuffling my deck, tuning into the energy of the client from the Universe. Once I feel I am well connected, the reading can begin.  

I connect to the client’s energy through that same energy and that, in turn, is what the cards are picking up on, through my hands. This allows me to provide an extremely accurate reading.


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