• Smudging stick - Palo Santo

Smudging stick - Palo Santo

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This smudging stick has been used for thousands of years by Shamans and Healers among the Inca population. This Holy Wood is a part of their ceremonies and healing rituals. It provides energetic protection, and removes bad energies. The Palo Santo is one of our favorite smudging stick at OM.


Palo Santo

How to smudge 

First of all, make sure you are grounded and clear minded. Say or think of an intention of what you want the room to hold energetically. Open doors, and windows, make sure you are alone and that your pets are not in the same room. Light the dry herbs with a match or a lighter. Allow it to burn a few moments and then fan the flames out. It is the smoke we want to work with, not the fire. Use an Abalone shell or a bowl to catch the ashes. Disperse the smoke with your hand or a feather. Walk your room in a clockwise, start at the bottom of the wall and go to the corners. Continue to do so until it feels cleanse. To stop the stick to smoke, crush it in your shell or bowl. Do not stop it under water.

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  • Smudging sticks can be used to cleanse your rooms  your crystals,          your car, your home, your spiritual tools or even yourself. 
  • Always use an abalone shell or a bowl under the stick to prevent fire. 
  • Our Palo Santo wood is harvested under government supervision by the natives of the Peruvian jungle. No trees are destroyed in the collection of the wood, only twigs and branches on the ground are gathered.
  • Refer to books or internet for more details about the techniques