Silver Light Pendant

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The Silver "Light" pendant cleanses bad memories and negative vibrations (that could be considered as memory, sentimental or emotional energy) that are scattered all around us in the environment. It increases the density and the radiation of the body's light and energy. It also helps balance and harmonize one's mood by purifying our inner distractions as well as the harmful influences of our surroundings (conflicts, jealousy, tensions), whether it be in our personal and professional environment. It accelerates our evolution. This device never charges itself. It has a sacred shape and a polarization that allows it to transform harmful waves (HW) into beneficial waves (BW).

Including a Stainless Chain from OM Bien-Être.


Small - 12 x 15 mm 

Medium - 15 x 18 mm

Large - 18 x 24 mm


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