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Yoni is the Sanskrit name meaning "Sacred Place". In Eastern cultures and Taoist tradition it’s used often when referring to the vagina or womb. It’s the seat of generative power and considered as the Source of All.

Yoni eggs are said to cause emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual transformation and healing. As an alternative to common kegel exercises, you may strengthen your vaginal muscles and benefits include: decreased incontinence, toning post-childbirth, increased orgasms.

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Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is known for the loving energy it carries. Use this crystal for calm, self-esteem, energetic protection, harmony, inner peace and more. 


Small: Approx. 20 x 30 mm 

Medium: Approx. 25 x 40 mm

Large: Approx. 30 x 45 mm


  • Clean Eggs before use in boiling water or with sexual toy cleaning products.
  • Changes the strings if damaged or not good anymore.
  • Do not use the Eggs if they are chipped or cracked.
  • Rose Quartz might fade in direct sunlight. 
  • Please note that each natural stone may vary in appearance. Each stone is completely unique, making it all the more special!

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