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Style: Concentration (citrine)
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Use these rollers for the energetic properties of the oils as well as the crystals. Each blend is unique and is safe for the skin. They are  handmade by J&A for us. 


(from left to right)

Citrine: Peppermint + Wild Orange = Concentration and creativity

Amethyst: Lavender + Cedarwood = Calm and reduces anxiety

Garnet: Grapefruit + Cypress = Energy and strength

Amazonite : Discontinued

Rhodonite: Bergamot + Patchouli = Self-confidence and inner peace

Tiger's eye: Lime + Spearmint = Courage and personal power

Howlite: Ylang ylang + Vetiver = Insomnia and inner peace

Strawberry Quartz: Juniper + Geranium = Love and harmony

Clear Quartz : Frankincense + Mandarin = Spiritual awakening and intuition

Peridot: Grapefruit + Basil = Heart opening and protection


Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil 

Pure Essential oils 


  • Crystals are washed and dried before using them 
  • Sustainable and responsible sourcing
  • About 6 ml of oil mixed with the crystals
  • Roller ball is made of Stainless Steel 
  • This product does not include instructions labels


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