• Grounding 101 with Donna-Marie

Grounding 101 with Donna-Marie

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***Perfect workshop for the participants of Smudging 101 and Moonology***

What is the importance of being BALANCED,ALIGNED ,ANCHORED AND GROUNDED every day?

Since we have shifted from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension the speed at which the energy moves is affecting EVERYONE now more than ever before.

It used to be just the “sensitives” that were aware ,now we all are.

In order to prevent this from wreaking havoc with our lives and our sense of wellbeing it is my personal opinion that we need to educate ourselves and our children on how to protect and move through these energies with as much awareness and ease.

 In my own practice ,Anchoring and Grounding has been apart of my daily routine for more than 30 years and it is still the best way I know how to deal with the energetic shifts that we are being subjected to.( which are right now in constant acceleration till 2020.)

I want to share this for the simple reason that I have seen what happens to people who are not grounded.( Miserable, flu like symptoms and have no clue why, etc ...etc... the list is long .)

Please join me at OM BIEN-ETRE to learn just how to gain insight on this issue that can make a HUGE difference for you,your life and your happiness.

February 26th at 7pm

20$ plus tax.

English - Bilingual speaker