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Shungite is known to boost the immune system and boosts your protection against radiation and EMF's. Use the Elite Shungite to purify your water for detoxification. 

1) Rinse the stones until water runs clear.
2) After 8-24 hours the water will be biologically active the water will be ready.

(use 1 to 3 pieces for a glass or water) 


Elite Shungite | From Karelia, Russia


Shungite is a stone of protectiondetoxification and stress reduction. It is also good for people with anxiety and inspiring wisdom. Shungite is an excellent crystal for protecting against EMF rays from objects like cellphones or computers.


Approx. 15 x 20 mm | 4 grams


  • This should not replace any other health treatments. Not for kids.
  • Do not ingest the stones. Do not use Regular Shungite for the same purpose.
  • Place the Shungite under sunlight for purification between each use.


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