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Handmade Wand by a local Artisan named Genevieve Richer from Earth Craft Wands.

A wand is used to manipulate, focus, and direct energy. This can be your personal energy or any type of energy you are trying to draw in. It helps clarify and set intentions.

It can be used to cast and close protection circles during ceremonies, rituals, or any kind of spellwork.

It can also be used to connect crystals on a crystal grid.


Elestial Amethyst Point - Dragon tooth Amethyst


Elestial Amethyst is the perfect crystal to enhance your psychic gifts. This Amethyst is good for spirituality and energetic protection. It is a great negativity shield and anxiety relief crystal. 


Approx. 10 to 12 inches

Please note that all the wands are different, and that you should expect to receive a completely unique product - made with love with nature's goodies.


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