• Crystals Candle - Calm
  • Crystals Candle - Calm

Crystals Candle - Calm

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This hand handmade by Au Naturel Soy Candles is the perfect accessory to change the energy and the scent of a room. The crystals are being heated by the flame and diffuse their energy in your room. 


Blue Lace Agate

(all the crystals comes from our store)


Lavender with Sage


The Blue Lace Agate will add a calming energy to your room. 


250 ml - up to 35 hours


  • Use White Sage or Selenite to cleanse your crystals.
  • Please note that each natural stone may vary in appearance. Each of these are completely unique, making it all the more special !
  • We suggest you reuse or recycle the glass container to save our planet.