Intuitive Readings with Erica

 Tarot + Clairvoyance: 
30 minutes: 40$
45 minutes: 60$
60 minutes: 80$

Tarot reading sessions act as a mirror of the soul. It allows you to have clarity and answers on anything concerning love, relationships, career, travel, and future events. Come with an open mind or questions, both are welcome! 

Mediumship + Past Life Regression + Energy Cleanse: 
60 mins: 120$  

Connecting with your higher self and contacting your angels, ancestors, and the spirit world.  Receiving messages from beloved ones who have passed. Tapping into past lives and understanding karmic ties. All sessions include an aura cleanse.  

Sound + Crystal + Energy Healing: 
60 mins: 100$ 

Relax into the power of sound healing using crystal bowls and tuning forks to raise your vibration. Specialized crystals placed on each chakra while receiving an energy cleanse using sacred sage. 

Spiritual Life Coaching:  
60 mins: 90$ 
Working with a certified life coach is an amazing way to get clear on your goals, how to get the success you desire, and  how to work through the blockages stopping you from getting the results you want. Coaching allows you to get to a place of clarity where you feel empowered to make the necessary changes in your life.  
Private Tarot Party
Mini tarot readings for all your guests. Please call or email to reserve 514-434-0242