About Us

Welcome to Om Bracelets, where our mission is to positively inspire our community, and guide those to fulfill their purpose through the creation of our product and design.

Each item is design with intent and meaning. Handcrafted in Montreal, each bracelet is mounted on a high quality 0.8mm elastic band. We take pride in the quality finishing made to every piece, so that we could offer the simplest luxury jewellery that fits every lifestyle. 


Alexandre & Jason 


For the last 10 years, Alexandre Rivard has developed his skill in design and customer service. Having previously studied interior design, he has perfected the art behind color and material matching.
Sharing a similar passion for art and design, Alexandre and his fiancé Jason St-Hilaire founded Om Bracelets in 2016. Since then, they have been inspired to share the healing ability of stones, and the psychological benefits that come with these materials. Throughout this journey, Om Bracelets has allowed them to give back to the community by partnering with several local organisms that share similar values and goals.
They continue to grow every day through the impact of their company, and hope they can continue to share love, energy and spirituality through their creation.