About Us

Our Store
At OM Bien-Être | Wellness, you'll find everything to help you vibrate at a higher frequency, achieve your goals and live more holistically. 
We showcase healing crystals, artisanal jewelry, eco-friendly products, smudging and aromatherapy accessories.
Our Bracelets
Our products and designs are born from a desire to inspire our community and guide people to fulfill their purpose in life. To achieve this goal, we’ve been creating our own bracelets with therapeutic properties since 2016. Each item is designed with intent and meaning, and finished with quality. Handcrafted in Montreal, each bracelet is mounted on a high-durability 0.8mm elastic band. Our bracelets are meant to suit and improve every lifestyle.

Our Founders
Alexandre Rivard and his fiancé, Jason St-Hilaire, founded Om Wellness in 2016, under the name Om Bracelets. In the years since, they have been inspired to share the psychological benefits and healing abilities of stones. Alexandre Rivard has developed his design and customer service skill in equal measure over the past 10 years. His background in interior design informs the artistry of colour and material in his products.
Throughout their journey, our founders have been granted the opportunity to give back to the community, thanks to partnerships with several likeminded local organizations.
As Om Wellness grows, our founders hope to continue sharing their love, energy, and spirituality through their creations.