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Starting December 11 and going until Jan 11 - We are offering a 12 Month forecast for 2021! It will be a combination of tarot and oracle cards to get into the energies of each month to help give you more power to manifest your ultimate year.

Take the time to learn what is energetically in store for your for the coming year.

About Claudine 

Claudine Lascelle, a multidiscipline healer, helps those who seek transformation through soul coaching, intuitive tarot, reiki, aromatherapy, and energetic cycles. Using her gifts, she guides you to health and wellness in every facet of your life.


This service is offered in person and on zoom.

Cancellation policy

We ask you to call us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment. If you need to postpone your appointment with Claudine, please let us know as soon as you can. If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, we will refund you.


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