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All our bracelets are handcrafted with genuine, natural stones and may vary in appearance. Each bracelet is completely unique, making it all the more special.

All women's bracelets are 7 inches.

If you have a sizing request, send us an email with the name of the bracelet, the size you need before placing an order.

Choose your bracelet from this selection :

Amazonite | Courage, calm and emotional balance

Amethyst | Spirituality, intuition and anxiety relief

Black Obsidian | Strength, protection and grounding

Clear Quartz | Clarity, deep healing and unblocking

Fluorite | Intuition, healing and protection

Green Aventurine | Luck, positivity and leadership

Howlite | Patience, inner peace and motivation

Labradorite | Protection, awareness and banish fears

Lapis Lazuli | Power, intuition and reduces stress

Opalite | Awareness, creativity and inner clarity

Rainbow Moonstone | Femineity, stability and empathy

Rhodonite | Confidence, love and emotional balance

Rose Quartz | Love, self-esteem and inner peace

Smoky Quartz | Grounding, determination and reduces stress

Tiger's Eye | Abundance, confidence and creativity

Cherry Quartz | Love, harmony and clarity

Blue Apatite | Manifestation, communication and spirituality

Citrine | Abundance, positivity and creativity


  • 6mm beads
  • Stainless steel spacer
  • Handcrafted in Montreal
  • Mounted on high quality 0.8mm elastic with hidden knot 
  • Refer to Sizing Chart for more details


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